CEO Profile

Anurag Saxena

Anurag Saxena is the Chief Executive Officer of Aquatechnic, which is involved in building, maintenance and development of swimming pools across India. With experience in wide field of banking, Infrastructure development projects he established Aquatechnic in the year 2009 with aim to make Indians experience the ecstasy of Swimming to a new height, with this vision he embarked the business to a new dimension and started India’s first professional open group named ‘Indian Swimming Pool builders association’ in the year 2010, which brings the swimming lovers across the boundaries to share their experiences, new developments, projects etc in the kingdom of water.

Apart for the love and devotion to these, he is also involved in social concerns especially environment related aspects. His values of preach like Honesty, Integrity, social concern are practiced and implemented in business dealings. As a leader, visionary, and established entrepreneur he shares his experiences and mentors amature young entrepreneurs to start off their businesses.

Aim to take Aquatechnic to undertake international assignment and establish it as a top most swimming pool construction firm in India and world.