Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance  & Advantages of pool support system
Conventional Indian pool support system Pools built with new AQUA TECHNIC technology and imported pool support system
Technology Out-dated World class equipment
Corrosiveness Made of steel and will corrode. Life span is short regular maintenance required Made of synthetic polymer. No maintenance
Size of Equipment Huge bulky rudely fabricated Sleek compact easy to maintained and install
Filter Fabricated steel vessel Manufactured with fiber glass and resin
Prefilter Not provided Well designed to collect floating particles
Floor Inlets Nozzle fitted in crude iron (C.I.) or galvanized iron (G.I.) Specially designed adjustable
Valves Bulky & heavy frequent leakages Easy to handle no leakages
Pipe Lines CI/GI cant use electronic or electrically operated devices Can withstand high pressure supports electronic electrically & heating equipments
Light Fitting Bulky, huge less life span High efficiency, energy efficient, longer life
Water Treatment Out dated dozing equipment and methods in organic chlorine compounds have low stability and form water in soluble substances resulting in contamination high initial concentrations of chlorine are often used to labour for disinfection’s which causes injuries to eyes of swimmers Imported chlorine isotopes are freely available to be used for different kind of water which inhennace high retentions Level in water
Vacuuming The Pool Older system requires a separate motor mounted to be wheeled around the pool to power the suction sweeper The same motor which operates the filter is used in suction sweeping